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coMpliAnce with evideNce-based cliniCal guidelines in the managemenT of acute biliaRy pancreAtitis): The MANCTRA-1 international audit.

Podda M; Pacella D; Pellino G; Coccolini F; Giordano A; Di Saverio S; Pata F; Ielpo B; Virdis F; Damaskos D; De Simone B; Agresta F; Sartelli M; Leppaniemi A; Riboni C; Agnoletti V; Mole D; Kluger Y; Catena F; Pisanu A

This study evaluates the contemporary practice patterns of management of biliary acute pancreatitis and to compare these practices with the recommendations by the most updated guidelines.

Nutritional Considerations for the Neonate With Congenital Heart Disease.

Mills KI; Kim JH; Fogg K; Goldshtrom N; Graham EM; Kataria-Hale J; Osborne SW; Figueroa M

The review provides recommendations from the nutrition subgroup of the Neonatal Cardiac Care Collaborative for best evidence-based practices in the provision of nutritional support in infants with congenital heart disease.

An observational investigation of the faical microbiota and metabonome of gastrostomy fed children, on blended and formula diets.

Marchesi JR; Allen S; Scott E; Jenkins H; Sadlier C; Thomas
Gut Microbes.

We performed an observational study of families with gastrostomy fed children and collected stool samples from children on blended and formula diets, and where possible, their siblings as well.

Preventive Effect of Probiotics on Oral Mucositis Induced by Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Liu YC; Wu CR; Huang TW
International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Report of a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials to investigate whether probiotics can prevent cancer therapy–induced oral mucositis.

Parenteral Nutrition Overview

Berlana, David

Parenteral nutrition is a life-saving intervention for patients where oral or enteral nutrition cannot be achieved or is not acceptable. The essential components of parenteral nutrition are carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, electrolytes and water.

Nutritional Support in Pancreatic Diseases

Canamares-Orbis P; Garcia-Rayado G; Alfaro-Almajano E

The review summarizes the main pancreatic diseases from a nutritional approach.

Monitor gastrointestinal tolerance in children who have switched to an "enteral formula with food-derived ingredients": A national, multicenter retrospective chart review (RICIMIX study).

O'Connor G; Watson M; Van Der Linde M; Bonner RS; Hopkins J; Saduera S
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

The study aim was to collect data relating to feed tolerance in children who had switched to an “enteral formula with food-derived ingredients.”

Nutrition practices and outcomes in patients with pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Powell MBF; Rajapreyar P; Yan K; Sirinit J; Mikhailov TA
Journal of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition.

This retrospective cohort study compares intubated patients with pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome who received enteral nutrition and those who did not.

Nutrition and preparation of blenderized tube feeding in children and adolescents with neurological impairment: A scoping review.

Brekke G; Raun; Sorensen SB; Kok K; Sorensen JL; Born AP; Molgaard C; Hoei-Hansen CE
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

Investigation of nutrition and preparation of blenderized tube feeding in the field of children and adolescents with neurological impairment.

A retrospective cohort study: pre-operative oral enteral nutritional optimisation for Crohn's disease in a UK tertiary IBD centre.

Meade S; Patel KV; Luber RP; et.al.
Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

The aim was to test the hypothesis that pre-operative enteral nutrition in patients undergoing ileal/ileocolonic surgery for Crohn's disease is associated with improved postoperative outcome.