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The best recipe: fat-based, protein-based, single amino acids?

Singer P; Glass YD; Kagan I.
Current Opinion in Critical Care.

A comparison of the proportions between nutrients and the effects of specific amino or fatty acids for
the nutritional therapy of critically ill patients.

Update on nutritional assessment and therapy in critical care

Reintam Blaser A; Rice TW; Deane AM.
Current Opinion in Critical Care.

The purpose of this review was to summarize recent data regarding nutritional assessment and interventions in intensive care units.

Assessing Patient Preferences for Intestinal Failure Management Using the Time Trade-Off Methodology

Carey S; Tu W; Hyde-Jones L; Koh C.
Journal of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition.

The aim of this study was to compare patient preferences in managing Type III intestinal failure using time trade-off methodology and to determine which factors have the greatest impact on
health-related quality of life.

Epidemiology of Infectious and Noninfectious Catheter Complications in Patients Receiving Home Parenteral Nutrition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Reitzel RA; Rosenblatt J; Chaftari AM; Raad II.
Journal of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition.

The aim of this review was to synthesize and evaluate what is known about catheter complications and prevention strategies in patients receiving parenteral nutrition as their primary source of

Chyme Reinfusion for Small Bowel Double Enterostomies and Enteroatmospheric Fistulas in Adult Patients: A Systematic Review.

Bhat S; Sharma P; Cameron NR; Bissett IP; O'Grady G.
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

This review is an analysis of the literature regarding chyme reinfusion, to define its current status and future directions.

Effects of Citrulline Supplementation on Body Weight in Patients With Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery

Yang JA; Lee KE; Park JH; Yee J; Kim JY; Gwak HS.
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

This study evaluated whether an oral citrulline supplement affects body weight changes and
laboratory values in patients with hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery.

Bedside Postpyloric Tube Placement and Enteral Nutrition Delivery in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Turner AD; Hamilton SM; Callif C; Ariagno KA; Arena AE; Mehta NM; Martinez EE.
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

The aim was to describe and evaluation of postpyloric tube placement and enteral nutrition practices in a pediatric intensive care unit after the implementation of a nurse-led bedside tube-placement program.

Effects of high-fat diet on liver injury after small bowel resection.

Onufer EJ; Han YH; Czepielewski RS; Courtney CM; Sutton S; Randolph GJ; Warner BW.
Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Study to determine the long-term effects of a high fat diet on liver injury, a common complication of short bowel syndrome, compared to a standard chow diet.

Adequacy of Parenteral Nutrition in Preterm Infants According to Current Recommendations: A Study in A Spanish Hospital.

Sanchez-Garcia AM; Zaragoza-Marti A; Murcia-Lopez AC; Navarro-Ruiz A; Norena-Pena A.
International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health

Evaluation of clinical practice regarding the application of parenteral nutrition in preterm infants in the neonatology unit of a tertiary hospital.

Feeding Tolerance, Intestinal Motility, and Superior Mesenteric Artery Blood Flow in Infants with Gastroschisis

Williams SL; Tkach JA; Rattan MS; South AP; Wessel J; Kingma PS.

The aim of the study was to determine the relationship of superior mesenteric artery blood flow and intestinal motility with in infants with gastroschisis and feeding tolerance.