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Intravenous Admixture Preparation Considerations, Part 9-B: Error Prevention in Intravenous Admixture Preparation.

Allen LV Jr
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compound.

Discussions regarding: Standardization of Compounded Sterile Preparations, Personnel Competency, Compliance issues, Sources of Error and Considerations for Prevention.

Does a parenteral nutrition decision support system for total nutrients improve prescription procedure and neonatal growth?.

Papandreou P; Ntountaniotis D; Skouroliakou M; Massara P; Siahanidou T
Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine.

This work assessed the possible benefits stemming from the use of a decision support system for total nutrients.

Factors Impacting on Eating in Pediatric Intestinal-Transplant Recipients: A Mixed-Methods Study.

Mancell S; Meyer R; Hind J; Halter M
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

The study aims to describe the eating behaviors and nutrition intake of intestinal-transplant-recipient children and examine factors that may impact on their eating.

Acute Pancreatitis: Exploring Nutrition Implications.

Murphy AE; Codner PA
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

This review will consider acute pancreatitis pertainng to choice of patient, type and composition of nutrition, and timing of initiation will be discussed as components for achieving the maximum benefits of nutrition therapy.

Outcomes Associated With Early vs Late Initiation of Exclusive Enteral Feeding Regimens Following Laparoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Placement in the Pediatric Patient.

Jones CW; Smith JR; Paton EA; Harrell CR; Huang EY; Corkins MR
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

The aim of the study was to determine whether early enteral feeding after gastrostomy tube placement is associated with increased symptoms, procedural complications, or length of stay.

Modern Challenges to Gastrointestinal Nutrition Physicians and the Nutrition Support Team: Cautionary Tales and Call to Action.

Palmer LB; Limketkai BN
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

The article covers the challenges to modern nutrition support teams, especially those with gastroenterologists as physician leaders, and delineates market forces that need shifting to continue to make this a viable part of the healthcare system.

Enteral Nutrition in Pediatric Short-Bowel Syndrome.

Channabasappa N; Girouard S; Nguyen V; Piper H
Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

Physiological principles of enteral nutrition and practical recommendations for advancing the diet of
patients with pediatric short-bowel syndrome are presented.

Sex-specific relationships between early nutrition and neurodevelopment in preterm infants.

Tottman AC; Bloomfield FH; Cormack BE; Harding JE; Taylor J; Alsweiler JM
Pediatric Research.

Retrospective study of very preterm infants. Primary outcome was survival without neurodevelopmental impairment at 2 years corrected age.

Effect of bolus enteral tube feeding on body weight in ambulatory adults with obesity and type 2 diabetes: a feasibility pilot randomized trial.

Beale EO; Lee W; Lee A; et.al.
Nutrition & Diabetes.

The objective was to determine the effect on body weight of bolus enteral feeding with mixed meal and electrolyte solution in ambulatory adults with type 2 diabetes and obesity, and also the safety and feasibility of using a modified, intraorally anchored enteral feeding tube for this purpose.

Incidence and Nutritional Management of Chylothorax after Surgery for Congenital Heart Diseases in Children.

Zheng J; Chen YY; Zhang CY; Zhang WQ; Rao ZY
Heart Surgery Forum.

The study aims to analyze the incidence of chylothorax in children in our hospital and optimum nutritional management modalities.