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Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition: An Integrative Literature Review on Nutrition in Pediatric Recipients of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.

Woods T; Tariman JD; Lee YM.
Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing.

A summary of an integrative review on the efficacy of enteral and parenteral nutrition for meeting the nutrition and energy needs of pediatric patients following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Methemoglobinemia Associated with Late-Onset Neonatal Sepsis: A Single-Center Experience.

Schierz IAM; Pinello G; Piro E; Giuffre M; Corsello G.
American Journal of Perinatology.

We examined the role of Methemoglobinemia in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Impact of Perioperative Brain Injury and Development on Feeding Modality in Infants With Single Ventricle Heart Disease.

Hsieh A; Tabbutt S; Xu D; Barkovich AJ; Miller S; McQuillen P; Peyvandi S.
Journal of the American Heart Association.

Determination of the association between neonatal perioperative brain injury and postnatal
brain maturation with feeding-tube dependency in patients with single-ventricle physiology at neonatal discharge and just before the stage-2 palliation.

The patient experience of having a feeding tube during treatment for head and neck cancer: A systematic literature review

Hazzard E; Gulliver S; Walton K; McMahon AT; Milosavljevic M; Tapsell L.
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN.

The paper aims to describe the patient experience of having a feeding tubes during treatment for head and neck cancer.

Effect of early enteral nutrition support for the management of acute severe pancreatitis: A protocol of systematic review.

Guo YB; Liu Y; Ma J; Cai Y; Jiang XM; Zhang H.

Summarize the most recent evidence which assess the effect of early enteral nutrition support
for the management of acute severe pancreatitis

Association of Bolus Feeding With Splanchnic and Cerebral Oxygen Utilization Efficiency Among Premature Infants With Anemia and After Blood Transfusion.

Balegar V KK; Jayawardhana M; Martin AJ; de Chazal P; Nanan RKH.
JAMA Network Open.

Investigation of the oxygen utilization efficiency of preterm gut and brain, challenged with bolus feeding during anemia and after transfusion.

Nasogastric versus nasojejunal tube feeding for severe acute pancreatitis.

Dutta AK; Goel A; Kirubakaran R; Chacko A; Tharyan P.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Results from randomised trials that included adult participants with acute severe pancreatitis from India, Scotland, and US comparing feeding via nasogastric versus nasojejunal tubes.

Lactoferrin infant feeding trial_Canada (LIFT_Canada): protocol for a randomized trial of adding lactoferrin to feeds of very-low-birth-weight preterm infants.

Asztalos EV; Barrington K; Lodha A; Tarnow-Mordi W; Martin A.
BMC Pediatrics.

Test of hypothesis that oral bovine lactoferrin will reduce the rate of mortality or major morbidity in VBLW preterm infants.

Enteral lactoferrin supplementation for prevention of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants.

Pammi M; Suresh G.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Aim was to assess the safety and effectiveness of lactoferrin supplementation to enteral feeds for prevention of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm neonates.

The effect of a low carbohydrate formula on glycaemia in critically ill enterally-fed adult patients with hyperglycaemia: A blinded randomised feasibility trial.

Doola R; Deane AM; Tolcher DM; Presneill JJ; Barrett HL; Forbes JM; Todd AS; Okano S; Sturgess DJ.
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN.

A standardized glucose management protocol determined administration of insulin in enteral nutrition. Key outcome measures were insulin administered and glycemic variability.