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Two parenteral amino acid solutions and plasma levels of amino acids in the neonate: A randomized trial.

Anaya-Florez MS; Barbosa-Cortes L; Villasis-Keever MA; Aguilar-Monroy S; Montalvo-Velarde I; Lopez-Alarcon M; Lledias-Corona M; Huerta-Tecanhuey A; Maldonado-Hernandez J; Madrigal-Muniz O; Gonzalez-Cabello H.
65:202-207, 2019 09.

We aimed, first, to compare amino acid plasma levels between neonates on total parenteral nutrition who were receiving an intravenous amino acid solution based on a breast milk aminogram and pediatric amino acids based on an umbilical cord aminogram, and second, to determine the frequency of total parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis.