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Chyme Reinfusion in Intestinal Failure Related to Temporary Double Enterostomies and Enteroatmospheric Fistulas.

The objective of this study was to show changes in nutritional status, intestinal function, liver tests, intravenous supplementations needs during chyme reinfusion, and the feasibility of continuing at home.

Understanding short bowel syndrome: Current status and future perspectives.

The review aims to summarize the current literature on short bowel syndrome epidemiology, pathophysiology, and its surgical and medical management with emphasis on the recent advances.

Nutrition in the critically ill surgical patient

The aim of the study was to present recent findings related to providing adequate and well tolerated nutrition to the critically ill surgical patient.

Advances in Medical Nutrition Therapy: Parenteral Nutrition.

Review of recent publications on the benefits of parenteral nutrition versus enteral nutrition, with widespread use of indirect calorimetry which solve some safety issues.

Update on nutritional assessment and therapy in critical care

The purpose of this review was to summarize recent data regarding nutritional assessment and interventions in intensive care units.

When is parenteral nutrition indicated in the hospitalized, acutely ill patient?.

Current practices regarding appropriate indications for parenteral nutrition in acutely ill hospitalized patients in the perioperative period, and with inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, hepatobiliary, critical care and end-stage renal disease.

The Role of a Nutrition Support Team in the Management of Intestinal Failure Patients.

We also discuss the experience of two intestinal failure centers as an example of contemporary nutrition support teams at work.