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Unmet Needs in Nutritional Care in African Paediatric Oncology Units.

Schoeman J; Ladas EJ; Rogers PC; Aryal S; Kruger M.
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics.

Results of an online survey regarding nutritional assessment and care of patients in pediatric oncology units in Africa.

A comparative analysis of treatment costs for home-based care and hospital-based care in enteral nutrition patients: A retrospective analysis of claims data.

Maeda M; Fukuda H; Shimizu S; Ishizaki T.
Health Policy.

Exploration of the differences in treatment costs between home-based care and hospital-based care in enteral nutrition patients in Japan.

Optimizing Clinical and Cost Outcomes for Patients on Enteral Nutrition Support for Treatment of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: Proceedings from an Expert Advisory Board Meeting.

Joseph I. Boullata, Janice L. Clarke, Archie Stone, Alexis Skoufalos, and David B. Nash
Population Health Management.

Importance of the RELiZORB (immobilized lipase) enzyme cartridge for patients who lack the natural ability to sufficiently hydrolyze and absorb dietary fats and who require supplemental enteral nutrition.

Impact of feeding mode on neurodevelopmental outcome in infants and children with congenital heart disease.

Holst LM; Serrano F; Shekerdemian L; Ravn HB; Guffey D; Ghanayem NS; Monteiro S.
Congenital Heart Disease.

The objective was to investigate the impact of feeding mode on neurodevelopmental outcomes in pediatric patients with congenital heart defects.

Development of a Novel Prognostic Model to Predict 6-Month Swallowing Recovery After Ischemic Stroke.

Lee WH; Lim MH; Seo HG; Seong MY; Oh BM; Kim S.

The aim of the study was to explore clinical and radiological prognostic factors for swallowing recovery in patients with poststroke dysphagia and for development and validation of a prognostic model using a machine learning algorithm.

Nutritional Treatment of a Young Infant with Cystic Fibrosis Presenting with Severe Kwashiorkor Dermatosis.

Sandy NS; Nogueira RJN.
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics.

This case study presents an infant with cystic fibrosis who developed Kwashiorkor with extensive cutaneous manifestations.

Variation in hospital costs for gastroschisis closure techniques.

Wong M; Oron AP; Faino A; Stanford S; Stevens J; Crowell CS; Javid PJ.
American Journal of Surgery.

Retrospective review of newborns admitted with gastroschisis. Demographic, clinical, and cost data were collected.

A Clinical Trial Assessing the Safety, Efficacy, and Delivery of Olive-Oil-Based Three-Chamber Bags for Parenteral Nutrition.

Jia Z; Yang J; Qin H.
Journal of Visualized Experiments.

Multicenter protocol to compare the olive-oil-based three-chamber bags to soybean-oil-based compounded bags formulations in adult Chinese patients requiring PN during surgical intervention.

Infectious complications associated with parenteral nutrition in intensive care unit and non-intensive care unit patients.

Comerlato PH; Stefani J; Viana MV; Viana LV.
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Results of an analysis of the associations between parenteral nutrition characteristics and infectious complications in hospitalized patients.

Enteral Nutrition Support Does Not Improve PNI in Radiotherapy Patients with Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer.

Ye Y; Xu Y; Fu Q; Shen P; Chen Y; Zheng P; Song L; Chen Y; Wang J
Nutrition & Cancer.

In this study, enteral tube feeding was used during radiotherapy in patients with Esophageal Cancer. Dynamic changes of various nutritional indicators were monitored.